Top 5 Things to Improve Findability

Posted by CIDsolutions on November 1, 2022 in Websites |

Experts will tell you there are a variety of things you can do to improve your website findabailty with Search Engines.  I want to focus on just five things you can do that will help quickly.

1. Title Tag of your pages.  Often people put things like “Home” or “About Us” in the title tag…there is nothing more useless than worthless information there.  Google only displays the first 72 characters in the title tag, BUT it will read the whole thing no matter how big it is.  Put the key words you want to be found in there!  It is one of the main things Google will use to rank your page…just make sure those words are in your web page too!

2. Put words in the alt tags of any images you have on your page.  This spot is the second most unused space on your web page that Google looks for…use it!

3. The most important information at the top of your page.  The higher it sits the more Google thinks it is important.

4. Make sure you have text based menu at the bottom of the page.  Google likes to find your menus easily.

5. Get rid of useless links.  Have you ever received one of those “Let’s exchange links” emails?  Ignore them.  If you put those links on your page, they can downgrade your findability and fast!  I was involved with a major company that called asking why their website dropped out of the first page on Google.  I looked and discovered they had a link to a foreign pharmaceutical website.  As soon as we removed the link, the page popped up in prominence again with in minutes.  Google counts the number of one way links to your site so link exchanges count against your site.  Don’t do it!  Learn more at Click Here.

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