Key words are key, but they have to be right

Posted by CIDsolutions on November 30, 2022 in Websites |

Often people think more is better especially on key words.  The real trick to key words is this:

1. They have to be relavant to your website and business.
The words have to be realistic to finding your site from the people you want.

2. The words have to be found on your website not just listed in the key words field.
Having key words in the meta tag and no where is wirthless.  Google looks at your site see what is useful.  The higher in prominence it is, the more highly rated.

3. The key words should be in the title of your website.
They need to be found in the title, in your site content and referenced in as many places as possible.  It helps if those words are bolded and also if they are links to other pages.

4. People have to look for your site using your key words.
In order to be found for those key words people have to be looking using those words.

5. Having your copmpetition is your keys could be a good idea but it could also be a bad idea.
This one is tricky because people can find you but then also find you competition through you…not always the best move.

The real trick is to make sure you are using the right words and that your site is found using those words.  A professional can help you make the best and most use with research.

-Frank Ruiz Principal at CID Solutions

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