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I have heard a lot of controversy over CMS systems trying to do SEO.  But before we get started, let’s talk terms!

CMS stands for Content Management System and SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

A CMS website is basically a website with a built-in editor.  WordPress is a great example of that.  You do not need a website editor when using a WordPress website.  It looks just like MS Word when editing and posting.  But there are many other CMS websites out there in many different styles.  Another advantage is that CMS sites make it easy to change the look and feel of the website.  Simple change the template and the whole site looks new.  I have heard so-called SEO experts pan CMS websites as a blight or failure to be able to properly configure for search engine friendliness.  Picture a wine snob looking at a beer patron.

The truth of the matter is that if the CMS system is a good one, SEO will be part of the package!  In the case of WordPress it just a plugin away from being useful.

The trick here is to know what your options are.  You may have to do some searching but no doubt that if the CMS website is worth anything, it will have it.  I have had lots of experience searching so if any of you have issues or porblems, let me know.  Do not let some stuffy SEO snob say that your CMS website is no good.  They may be right but chances are they are wrong.

The rules to good SEO are simple:

1. Make sure the title of your pages is something useful like your key words.

2. Put key words on the page and in the meat descriptions.

3. Put your key words in the alt tags of your graphics and pictures.

4. Reference key words more than once and put hyperlinks on them if you can.

Now you are cooking!  Go out there and make your website better!

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